Thursday, June 12, 2008

Funding for the Project


Altria Group $ 6,750

NC Governor’s Crime Commission $ 800

IOLTA Seed Funding $ 29,000

Matching Grant* $ 25,000

Smith Moore LLP $ 1,500

Cooley Family Foundation$ 5,000

Individual Donations $ 9,325

Sunshine Lady Foundation $ 11,500

Total Funding to be raised $ 15,977

Total Budget $ 104,852


The total one year budget for the Legal Empowerment and Advocacy Project is $104,852. The project has received seed funding from the NC State Bar IOLTA program in the amount of $29,000 with the opportunity of an addition $25,000 in matching funds. The law firm of Smith Moore has generously contributed $1,500 towards the project, and $7,000 has been raised in other donations, primarily as part of a fundraiser held in Charlotte on June 3rd. The Cooley Family Foundation has given $5,000 towards the project.

GOAL: An additional $15,977 needs to be raised to complete the budget for this year.

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